Digital Marketing

We work to drive your business forward.

Digital Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing, having a strategy allows you to grow your business, expand in desired areas and experience long-term success. It is the roadmap of activities to follow to reach your desired success. From personas and marketing funnels to lead generation and training, our integrated digital marketing strategies will help you reach your business goals.

Social Media Management

How you use social tools to engage with your clients, and which tools you use, is unique to your business. At Treefrog Inc., we can support your business through Facebook Ads optimization, community management, social media remarketing, training, and more. Don’t know where to start with Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter? We offer customized training sessions tailored to your business needs.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the most embattled and efficient form of digital advertisement – A&O puts your brand in front of your customers that are already actively searching on Google, YouTube, or other search engines. A&O’s all-in-one SEM service manages your search engine marketing strategy from research, execution, testing and tracking etc.

Search Engine Optimizations

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is imperative to the success of your business because it drives prospects to your website. SEO includes keyword research, technical assessments, on-page optimization, Google Analytics tracking, and competitive analysis to ensure your site in ranking on search engines. Our SEO Engineers and SEM Specialists create paid (PPC) and organic search engine strategies that leverage content development to drive your unique conversion goals.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is essential for driving your business forward because it is the voice of your business. Every piece of content you put out to the world affects how your brand is perceived and valued. That is why a content marketing plan is so important. Our content marketers work to understand your business inside and out, so that they can craft print advertising copy, optimized web copy, blog articles, email marketing campaigns, and other content materials that will reach, engage, and inspire your target audience.


  • Product Content, Stock Updates
  • Price & Order Updates.
  • Store Merchandising.
  • Campaign Planning and Execution.
  • Product Content Optimization.
  • Review Management.

  • Sell multichannel using our technology ezCommerce.
  • Sales & Operations Management
  • Inventory Management (Stock Movement, Allocation, Out of the stock, Aging stock etc)

  • Design, Develop, Integrate & Operate.
  • Fully Mobile Responsiveness.
  • Seamless User Experience.
  • Customizable

  • Pick, Pack & Ship
  • Order Tracking
  • Review Management
  • Real Time Chat.
  • Inbound and Outbound Calling.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing

  • Marketplace Shop-in-Shop
  • Campaign Planning and Execution
  • Stock Allocation and Management