CRM Executive Briefing

      Let us be the guiding light.

When embarking upon the transformation or automation of your core business processes, you can easily get off on the wrong footing or direction.  Let us guide the way; our advisory service draws upon years of international experience in every business sector and can provide you with the requisite understanding of the value proposition, costs, continuity and common pitfalls.  You will leave our discussion with an understanding of the benefits, processes, solutions, deliverables, integration, processes and potential pitfalls.

CRM Road Map Design

Benefit from our 20/20 foresight.

Whether you are planning to deploy a CRM solution for the first time, extending your initiatives or entering a redevelopment cycle, ITP’s seasoned veterans can provide you with the required insight, expertise and management to guarantee long term success for any implementation.

Drawing upon our experiences, ITP has formulated a three-phase implementation methodology; requirements analysis, solution & partner selection and project execution.  Each of these implementation phases involves comprehensive feedback, communication, discussion, process inspection, refinement and reporting components.

ITP assists the development of your executive CRM vision, links your strategy to your critical business issues, identifies central people, process and technology issues that will impact CRM strategy, validates your emerging strategy with customers and prepares CRM strategy observations and recommendations.

At the conclusion of the formulation process, you will receive a CRM Strategy document that incorporates significant executive, customer and competitive input, a road map that drives successful execution of your strategy and a high-level CRM business case that provides initial return-on-investment calculations and outlines long-term benefits and deliverables.

SCRM Business Process Management & Refinement

A fresh perspective.

Ensuring that your customer-facing business processes are efficient and responsive is critical to any CRM implementation.  At ITP we review, analyze and observe key aspects of all processes, including those of purchase, payment and usage.  Our broad multi-industry experience ensures that your processes are optimized prior to any CRM implementation.

ITP provides extensive business process management services, drawing upon our vast experience in helping organizations streamline and refine their business processes and achieve tangible benefits in short and long term horizons.   Our business process management services include, but are not limited to gap assessment, quick-win analysis, process-change implementation and post implementation auditing.

CRM Readiness Services

Preparation, preparation, preparation.

Before you jump into a particular CRM implementation, it is critical to ensure that the organization is ready for such an initiative. Success of any implementation requires the seamless integration of every aspect of business that touches the customer—including people, process, and technology. This integration can only be achieved by proper business and technology alignment along with the assessment of the information base, which will be linked to the CRM solution.

An integral part of our readiness service is data assessment; one of the top reasons for CRM failure is data quality.  At ITP we make sure that you avoid the pit fall of poor data quality.  Poor data quality can impact an organization in many ways. It can result in misguided marketing promotions being sent to the wrong address with incorrect information — including improperly spelled names, title and company. To a prospective customer, your company looks unprofessional. For you, it means that you’ve wasted time and money targeting a customer who really doesn’t exist. But most unsettling is that it means that the integrity of your customer database(s) and other customer information systems is suspect.

With the current focus on customer relationship management, data integrity has taken on even more importance. With so much information streaming into and out of organizations from call centers, customer Internet forms, point-of-sale contact information, web-based applications, preserving and maintaining data quality must be an important and continual part in your data warehousing and CRM efforts.

CRM Implementation

From start to finish.

We won’t leave you stranded.  At ITP we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the total CRM solution, from design, strategy to implementation.  We offer a full host of implementation and support services that include but are not limited to; fit gap analysis, design, build, data conversion, customization, unit testing, data cleaning, systems integration, training and end-user technical support.